About Kilcaroon

Why Kilkaroon? Well, my grandmother lived in a remote mountainous townland called Kilkaroon. It is near Clogheen in County Tipperary, and I have very good memories of visiting there during many summers of my childhood.


I am using fictitious first names for the people in my life, as much as to protect their privacy as to enable me to tell a story. So, here goes:
  • Sarah, my ever-loving wife of twenty-something years
  • Lori, my teenage daughter
  • Kieran, my bike buddy… Tuesday & Saturday. Also Impy Ink, on a less regular basis
  • J & G, Sarah’s eldest brother & his wife, eternal students, now well beyond their student days
  • M & J, Sarah’s brother, and his wife, sheep farmers near Urlingford
  • Our 2 best friends M & M, living in Castlecomer, but missing the quiet life of Dublin
  • Our very good friends M & P, both destined to enjoy retirement in the Alps, but for now working towards that in Waterford

Below am providing some links to my web footprint :