The Hill

This is a Guest Post by Niamh O’Donovan. Niamh is from Modeligo in County Waterford, is a member of Dungarvan Cycling Club and races her bike uphill and down with TC Racing. Last Sunday, September 16, 2018 Niamh dominated the infamous Lacca Climb to win the Munster Hill Climb Championship, organised by Southside Wheely Wheelers. This article was originally published on Niamh’s instagram and is reproduced here by kind permission.

Munster Hill Climb Championships 2018

My first 🚴‍♀️ jersey! This is weird to say but it actually was a little emotional to be able to tell my Mam and Dad that I randomly made the trip to #southsidewheelywheelers last Sunday morning and surprisingly came home with the Queen of the Hill jersey. Here’s why,

I have so many wonderful childhood memories from my family home on ‘THE HILL’. Significant to this story, my family home, in the parish of Modeligo Co.Waterford, which is a valley, can be seen from everywhere, perched on top of as everyone calls it ‘the hill’. We used get post addressed ‘yellow house on the hill, Modeligo’ 😂 We even had tug-o-war competitions where the four sides of the Parrish used pull against each other, they were ‘the Glen, The Hill, Churchquarter and I think Sleady Castle’. Growing up I hated living on ‘The Hill’, home from school meant a kilometer hike back up the hill, a cycle to the shop meant, pushing my mtb back up the hill with a gear bag full of penny sweets and mr freezes from mrs Bannon’s shop, playing hurling, if you missed the catch, you had better get running or the ball would be gone so far down the hill, i used roll down the garden with my school friends, we used have competitions to see who could cycle to the bottom the fastest, apparently my neighbor made it in 7 seconds, legends were spoke of in those who could cycle up it back in the day without getting off, and that was before there were gears on bikes. The hill in total is a mile and a half long. My family home is half a mile up. My dad told me that one spot in his ‘top field’ is the highest point in Modeligo, there is also a Fairy fort here. I used go up there with friends and make a wish in the fort. I am so grateful i have had this childhood, full of innocence and adventure. I have enjoyed writing this and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Ballyorgan, County Limerick


Link to original post

Event report from Southside Wheels Wheelers

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