Cannonball Run

Group 3(b) took advantage of the fine weather on home ground as 11 ascended Millstreet sheltered from a strong NW wind. After Ballymac, there was no shelter, yet they pushed on at pace to Clogheen. The ascent of the Vee was thronged with motor enthusiasts awaiting the Cannonball Run, and the group had a sense of real professionalism as they were cheered, photographed and filmed. The cheers had the greatest impact, and the climbers had a small battle to the top. Given that they were only minutes ahead of the motor cavalcade, it was decided not to stop at the top, but to continue the descent into Lismore for coffee, staggered rather than as one group. The spin home via Deerpark, Kilmolash and Bog Road was at a PB pace, as they had a strong tailwind. 105km @27.4kph and 950 metres elevation.

Farmers’ Market, Lismore

Meanwhile, a large contingent of our group headed to the Rebel Tour in Kenmare. The club pro had given a great account of this and all other weekend activities. However, as the weather was very poor, I picked out a quote from one of our many funny men:

“To be honest, it wasn’t too bad; was balmy in the main with one heavy passing shower around 8.45, it just took 9 hours to pass!”

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