Group 3: Into The East

Today’s group spin headed towards the eastern part of County Waterford. That’s pretty unusual, but cyclists will understand why. Generally, as Ireland has a prevailing south-westerly wind, we like to return to Dungarvan from that direction to ensure we have the wind behind us just when the bodies are beginning to get tired. Cyclists prefer to have the headwind for the first half of the spin rather than the other way round. Fussyboots!

So, off they set into the east. Also unusual today was that I stayed home, had a big Irish fry-up breakfast, and afterwards spent some time gazing out the back window in  “I-wonder-where-are-they-just-now” mode. I finished most of the housework but was unable to complete the hoovering, due to balance issues.

However, the trusted official report arrived promptly by early afternoon:

Apart from the slight chill in the early morning air one could be forgiven for thinking it was high Summer with clear blue skies and bare legs still being flaunted in summer shorts. The climb up the Pike hill settled the group early on, a left turn at Leamybrien and off across the lumpy Carrick road. It had been decided to tackle  the Scrouty hill in reverse and it was certainly the lesser of two evils. Ably dealt with, a nice cruise through the leafy byroads of Portlaw followed. In near Mediterranean type conditions it almost seemed surreal to see a sign for the ‘Santa Express’. No sleigh needed  for G3 as we sped towards Kilmeaden and onto Kilmac via the N25, across to Ballylaneen and a return to base by the coast road. An extremely steady pace throughout with plenty of chat and banter. 13 in group, 95k at 27.2kph. (Carol B.)

No photo available, but by all accounts it was “Another Super Sunday”.

Prior to this spin, Dungarvan Cycling Club presented the proceeds of the Recent Charity cycle to Nadine’s Cancer Battle. The club held a fund-raising spin two weeks ago.

Image: DC Images
Image: DC Images

Did you know? Cycling: Rule 48

I googled “Scrouty” and got lots of videos, strava profiles and other stuff, but the one that caught my eye was Dungarvan CC notes from July 2013.

“As the heatwave continues there was plenty of club members making the best of the sunshine and getting out on their bikes. This is why we put up with the rain and cold and misery and layers of clothing in the winter – for days like these. It was good to see plenty of people obeying the Euro rules as well, especially this one. 48: When climbing anything with a gradient above twenty (20) percent OR lasting greater than four (4) kilometers, the Euro Cyclist shall fully unzip his jersey and let it flutter freely in the wind. Make sure you have plenty of water with you in this weather though and/or money for drinks/99s.”

Safe cycling out there,



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My bike is part of me.

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