Now I Know Where Hickey’s Cross Is

The hilly spins are surely at an end now as tired bodies wind down for the autumn / winter season.

Another great group spin this week! 26 happy bikers. 

Here’s the group PRO report: G3 had another marvellous turnout on Sunday with 26 riders on what was a beautiful autumnal morning. Captain Anthony managed to add a diverse twist to a fairly regular winter route and we were all curious as to what lay ahead. First off though it was up to Colligan turning left at Ballinamult and joining back up with the Millstreet road. Back on the main road it was onwards to Cappoquin turning left for the Dromana drive. Lovely to meet albeit briefly G5, G1 and G2 enroute. At Aglish it was on to the first of the new climbs the Shan Hill which is a long enough drag to Clashmore. Next up the tougher Naomh Mochua Climb out of Clashmore. The visual of the sun beaming down on Youghal bay made it worth the effort. The wind had picked up substantially at this point but thankfully the rain never materialized. Across to Ardmore, followed by a windy descent down the Sweep and all back safely. The hilly spins are surely at an end now as tired bodies wind down for the autumn / winter season. 26 in group, 800m of climbing, 27k avg.

I had heard of Hickey’s Cross, and after today I know where it is. Also today, after seventeen years of cycling, I ventured on a virgin road just 20km from me. Never been up those hills before. Nice route and spectacular scenery on the descent towards Youghal Bridge. 

It was a big mileage week, so perhaps time to chill out before heading to the sunshine of Alcúdia. 

New hills today

What struck me today? 

  1. Riders who joined the group during the spring are very strong. 
  2. This group has a remarkable ability to overlook some of the small (unimportant)  stuff. As a consequence, the vibe is always good
  3. I will be voting for Mr. A.D. to continue captaincy of this merry band
  4. Likely, there will be a further half dozen new recruits in this group this time next year
  5. VERY cool at 9am, and warm for the last hour. This in-between time of year is funny. Some were overdressed. I was one of them
  6. It’s time to give my bike a full clean after three weeks
  7.  It’s nearly time to change the lenses on my glasses from tinted to clear
  8. My hobby-horse again: this group is welcoming and offers encouragement 
  9. Coffee at end of a spin is second only to mid-spin, but coffee nonetheless!
  10. Ten things to note on a Sunday spin is just about enough

Because I cycled slowly to the start, and also finished slowly after coffee here’s a link to a cropped version of the spin. Average 23kmph. 

Footnote: Carol B is the PRO for Group 3 Dungarvan Cycling Club. More importantly she is a fine cyclist.


Author: @Paraigdeburca

My bike is part of me.

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